It all had to start somewhere

If asked where… Sure I cant tell

Still I believe on an old tale

That my old papa mummerd

To my ear back in the days

Mama had to remind me 

Of the ink that would make me. 


I took it all for granted

Of course I didn’t know

The importance that bore with 

It all, uttered words can come to pass

He always mumbled the words spiting

On the dry ground… as if to reunite

Soil and water to make a paste. 


With many proverbs and signs

That took me ages to grasp

I barely gathered what the old man ment

Now I live by ink… by words

I scribble on paper and utter in paper

It’s all a vision he tried to show me

Too blind and dumb I was to realize. 


Now ink brings everyone to one

Ink mends love… broken hearts 

Tored souls brought to life

Ink builds smiles on sorrowful faces

Crowns and empires built on ink… 

A dependent that rules it all. 

A gift I will let to the world, Inking it all

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