Flirt With Caution. #Men

Friendship and courtship are two very different relations. Sad enough some of us can't distinguish the difference and end up placing them at the same table. Here flirting comes in, from a lady and the man gets mixed signals making him confused.  As men, we all have female friends. Our relation with them usually defers... Continue Reading →

Battle With Looks.#Ladies

It is not a secret, neither is it a lie that women have a common problem with how they look in the public. It's not unusual to hear a lady ask you, "How do I look in this dress? Is this lipstick ok or should I try the other one? Do these red heels match... Continue Reading →

Lady’s Feeling Of Dominance

It's with no doubt that in this generation, there is an atmosphere of women feeling that they are taking over, on the other hand creating an intense and unstable mindset in men that soon, everything will be gone. Air now is full of battles from the female side in question of the male ruling. They... Continue Reading →

You Deceived My Heart. 

It still pains me My heart is still bleeding A sharp stab you let in it For it's tenderness you took The advantage, and took the step To brake it to pieces.  The pieces I can't bend to pick.           ✅✅ I have had all my trust  On you and faith... Continue Reading →

You Left So Soon! 

​A cliché to say “You left so soon” Bitter as it is, truth be  Said and will live to accept A deep hole in us An emptiness We are unsure of its filling.  ** Many lost a friend A companion in life A life saviour, from who You were to all, through Your well thought... Continue Reading →

After Valentine’s.  

The 14th of Feb. is always a remarkable date to everyone all over the world, especially to love birds.(Still don't know why they call them love birds but I think with time some answers would be flowing). It is wonderful to love and to be loved, I believe so, and on that 14th. every lady... Continue Reading →

A ladies piece of suit from a colourful material looks fabulous. It is suitable for both office and just as casual wear.  A brighter blouse or a top will even match better. The choice of the white crop top gives it a sexy look at the same time looks classy. A bright yellow, light green... Continue Reading →

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