Flirt With Caution. #Men

Friendship and courtship are two very different relations. Sad enough some of us can't distinguish the difference and end up placing them at the same table. Here flirting comes in, from a lady and the man gets mixed signals making him confused.  As men, we all have female friends. Our relation with them usually defers... Continue Reading →

Battle With Looks.#Ladies

It is not a secret, neither is it a lie that women have a common problem with how they look in the public. It's not unusual to hear a lady ask you, "How do I look in this dress? Is this lipstick ok or should I try the other one? Do these red heels match... Continue Reading →

Lady’s Feeling Of Dominance

It's with no doubt that in this generation, there is an atmosphere of women feeling that they are taking over, on the other hand creating an intense and unstable mindset in men that soon, everything will be gone. Air now is full of battles from the female side in question of the male ruling. They... Continue Reading →

Ladie’s Secretes

Each and every person in this life has got secretes. One's which if they ever get to be unveiled, will leave your mouth agape. Secretes mostly are dirty, that's why they are secretes. I will talk of the ladies, not because I am a dude but for the fact that in this life, they have... Continue Reading →

Don’t Blame Them. 

In life, we never want to feel lonely. We always want to be with friends and even remain with others, date them. In the present day, the youth are really into each other and focus on relationship a lot. Though they ever break, they never lose hope. To many, being single is not cool at... Continue Reading →


In as much as we want love and be loved, we should keep in mind that love should be a two way traffic for it to work out. If it will take the effort of one party to strugle and make things be complete then that is not love. For a liability one will always... Continue Reading →

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