The Irony Of Life

They say evil begates evil...  And still don't pay evil for evil  What is the actual meaning of these..  What is meant by evil?  Maybe what is just in our minds Maybe that we think is wrong.  Still we do wrong and not take it as evil.          °°    °° I will... Continue Reading →

Ladie’s Secretes

Each and every person in this life has got secretes. One's which if they ever get to be unveiled, will leave your mouth agape. Secretes mostly are dirty, that's why they are secretes. I will talk of the ladies, not because I am a dude but for the fact that in this life, they have... Continue Reading →

Whole of Me. #Love

In rains and in sunshine I have always held you close In happiness and pain By your side I have always been Never thought of letting you slip Away to any ways I would hate.           *** The devotion of a captain to his ship I will stay awake to watch you... Continue Reading →

A Grey Sky. 

Paint the world white  Life is a canvas, we hold the painting stick All the colours at our display but still stick To our favourite pick, it will prick hard If it's dark and pleasant to us.  A dark world we are on the verge Of choosing if we dont merge dark with bright.   ... Continue Reading →

Listen My Son. 

The world is a vast place to be Today it's moving fast than before So first my advice you need to heed You will live for ages to come My old age can't allow me any more My eyes are sinking into their sockets My skin shrinking, pealing and dying.           ... Continue Reading →

Am Not Worth. #Love

The every time charms Love potions she gives Drives me to a world She wants me to be in In for me to fit...  With her alone to be But I feel I am not worth.                 ✈✈ Out in the streets we met I helped her with a... Continue Reading →

You Left So Soon! 

​A cliché to say “You left so soon” Bitter as it is, truth be  Said and will live to accept A deep hole in us An emptiness We are unsure of its filling.  ** Many lost a friend A companion in life A life saviour, from who You were to all, through Your well thought... Continue Reading →

A Monster We All Hate. 

In friendship We relish all around us For us they give pride Make us laugh at our happiest Comfort us at our lowest...  We never want to lose them No matter the case, for they are us But when they back bite...  That's the monster we hate.            ** In Family... Continue Reading →

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