Photography is all about creativity, making the best out of a simple situation or simply the obvious. In this it was not that much but a little of creativity though it made the scene fabulous especially the fact that the focus is majorly on the watch together with some grass blocking it. 

Sunsets are among my best captures for so many reasons. The sun itself is so beautiful at this point, it shows us that even after being so harsh on us during the day it can still be there for us to show that everything is alright. That consolation and assurance is what we want at... Continue Reading →

I love this flower and my lens couldn't escape it. For it's white colour, it brings some brightness hence could not avoid making it's background darker.  This makes it even more beautiful. 


Everyday at sunset,  I always admire the rays from the sun for the beauty that it gives. At times I forget to capture the moments but this day, I didn't. I believe it looks beautiful especially from the high ground that I stood from.  I had to take a lot of them not from different... Continue Reading →

This amazing photo was taken in Guangzhou China by this two daring photographers. For a while now such pics are taken by photographers from different countries in tall buildings covering a very large area. Taking photography to another level is what makes many have sleepless nights.  It takes courage, passion, creativity and determination to think,... Continue Reading →


For those who have the zeal to capture any amazing thing before them, having a nice camera makes everything possible. The reality is brought right before us through creativity, captions of the unthinkable is realized. The love for photography makes one deliver discoveries of the world that never were imagined, nature is appreciated, fashion, travel... Continue Reading →


Simple and fabulous. The black rosary looked waaw under the lens. Photography out of passion is so easy and breathtaking. You will always crave for more and more and more. 

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