She wants a read.

She still needs a writing

A beautiful read on paper

A love poem, a poem of love

She craves for it without a word

Her wants can’t be heard

She is afraid to speak out.


She is afraid to let him know

The darkness has blinded her

The darkness of in dept love

Materialistic love, of travel and parties

Drinks of all kind now drowning into

She is afraid to lose her path.


She has what they fight for

Her friends choke in jealousy

Of her splashy life of love

They know not…

He can’t remember

He can’t recall how he won her.


Her heart so fragile

His poetry made it melt

Fall in a deep hole of love

One she never knew she would

Ever recover from…

She was in Love. True love.


Every lone moment

She wishes, to have a new read

Of the poetry that made her know love

To read a paragraph from him, his poet

His lovely words one more time

Sadly, he is in the present, all poetry gone!

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