You Deceived My Heart. 

It still pains me My heart is still bleeding A sharp stab you let in it For it's tenderness you took The advantage, and took the step To brake it to pieces.  The pieces I can't bend to pick.           ✅✅ I have had all my trust  On you and faith... Continue Reading →

My Submission#Love

You own my body Take me to the places You wish and want...  I am safe in your hands The only one's I trust The only man I submit to Take me your prisoner for life.       ⬆     ⬇ Strap me on that table Have your muscline hands on me Tear my... Continue Reading →

Dating Disease

​ I am not the only one, Who sees this I believe…  The urge for one to have a lover,  The feeling of wanting to love,  The need to feel loved…  The yearn to taste how love is All that is in that courtship.            ⚓  ⚓ I wonder where…  All... Continue Reading →

The Irony Of Life

They say evil begates evil...  And still don't pay evil for evil  What is the actual meaning of these..  What is meant by evil?  Maybe what is just in our minds Maybe that we think is wrong.  Still we do wrong and not take it as evil.          °°    °° I will... Continue Reading →

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