We will always respect art, I do because we need to do what we are good at to our level best. If your hand can transform a white piece of paper to an admirable image then that's something. Respect to all artists. #Art.

A Pen My Life

I find my head just blank But my hand is so busy With a pen, scrawling on paper The writings faster than ever I have no idea what it is Am glad it now has a flow Now that it is slow. . I grew up with words All brew up inside me  Always reluctant... Continue Reading →

Delayed Justice

Our pleas are ever repudiated Never know where to present them yet They say their hands are tied But we know they are tired Tired of doing just Tired of what not yet done As they dally, we drown in darkness. . Killings are all over the screens Much hidden yet the little screams Murder... Continue Reading →


I got this piece from my friend and really loved it.It is such a talent, he does his thing best and  with passion. Drawing as art is one of the best ways to reflect humanity, nature and the world around us.Life is art.


Shiny bracelets and a similar shiny watch really looks lovely. You can try that! For the ladies mostly, keeping it sleeveless.

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